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Committed to Our Clients

Providing the cleaning services our clients need is the primary focus of Purple Foxx.  Our business is centralized on knowing and understanding the best cleaning practices for businesses and homeowners.  With proven experience and concentration in sanitation and cleaning solutions, we align and partner with our clients to achieve their desired satisfaction.  We specialize in residential and commercial cleaning, industrial worksite cleanup and Airbnb cleaning.​

Purple Foxx Corporation (not original business name) was my Grandmother's hustle back in the day. She started her own business cleaning homes while Grandpa drove trucks during the week. It was years before he found out that she was working, which, by the way, was an embarrassment to him. Later the business was passed on to my Mom after Grandma retired. During my childhood I had to work for both. My pay? "You're developing character." I was told. Well character sure didn't feel good. I would have rather played dodgeball with my friends instead or be shooting bows and arrows with my brothers.  (They didn't seem to care a lot about "character".) I tried my best to ditch going to work with Grandma.  She'd say, "Shug, I gotta' keep my eyes on you, girl.  You're as clever as a fox!"  After I graduated from high school I enlisted into the Armed Forces. (Still tried to get away from Mama and all that housework and chores.)  I jumped into the frying pan! Lucky for me I already had Drill Sergeants (Grandma and Mama) who taught me how to clean and organize.  The US Army was a breeze! 

After serving my enlisted time I relocated near home and sought employment everywhere accept Mama's housekeeping services. Out on my own I lived the Life of Riley. It was wonderful until Mama decided to retire. Uggggghhhh! Somehow it was assumed all the family business strategies, experience, contacts, accounts, etc. were passed to me. (What in the world!) At first I refused big time! I remembered thinking how many generations of clients my Grandma and Mom had not only served but built relationships with. So much so their clients naturally assumed this business relation would unequivocally be a generational understanding. In other words, I had to continue the legacy of what was expected. I took what was given to me and reached out to commercial markets, while still serving the remaining clients of my Grandmother, (now 5th generation).  I expanded and accepted new challenges that complimented my business goals. What I've learned is that cleaning is secondary without good relationships, sustainability, and safety!

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